Flowing Energy is ready to scale on a multi-billion dollar opportunity to make electricity from geothermal and wasted heat

Breakthroughs in design and manufacturing allow us to sell at the same cost per unit of capacity with twice the efficiency and twice the energy density of Organic Rankine Cycle systems.

Our solution is unique

Stirling engines have the highest theoretical efficiency of any engine. Flowing Energy solves three fundamental barriers to their success at scale.

Energy density

Heat exchange inside each cylinder greatly reduces mass

Lubricant-free pistons

Graphite labyrinth design ensures near-perfect sealing with low friction

Fast heat transfer

Unprecedented heat transfer with minimal pressure drop

Game changer for heat to electricity

Solves for the 50% of industrial heat lost as waste per US Department of Energy. Doubles electricity generation per well for Enhanced Geothermal projects.

Geothermal – 150˚C

15-20% efficiency

Industry – 250˚C

22-26% efficiency

Generator sets – 350˚C

29-32% efficiency

Poised to take off

Working Prototype

Developing efficiency curves. Testing to date matches our performance model

Ready to Scale

300 kWe in a 20 foot shipping container including power electronics. Infinitely scalable

Strong Customer Interest

Household names in the industrial and generator markets

Our Team

Michael Unton


15 years leading and scaling businesses. Previous Chief Operating Officer of a fast-growing startup. BS Chemical Engineering, MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Bill Gross


Founder of renowned technology incubator, Idealab. Bill founded many innovative companies including several in green energy such as eSolar, RayTracker, Thermata, and EI Solutions.

Andrea Pedretti


Advisor to Energy Vault, Scientific advisor to Synhelion from 2016 to 2019. Co-founder of Airlight Energy.

Chris Gregory

Lead Mechanical Engineer

29 years experience in early-stage product engineering.

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